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There is no book or web site that tells how to translate the codes into dates.There is no book which tells how to translate the codes into dates.Food packaging contains a wealth of information, from the Nutrition Facts Panel to the Ingredient List, and knowing what to look for is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Another valuable piece of information on your food packaging is whether or not the food is still safe to eat.To check on the shelf life of foods without "sell by" dates, such as leftovers or produce, download our free app Is My Food Safe?This app is your number one kitchen companion for reducing your risk of food poisoning.If the product has a “use-by” date, the product should be consumed or frozen by that date.According to the USDA, even if a use-by date expires during home storage, “a product should be safe, wholesome, and of good quality – if handled properly and kept at 40F or below.” If food develops an off odor, flavor, or appearance due to spoilage bacteria, the food should be discarded for quality reasons.

Canned foods can last for years, because shelf stable foods experience very slow rate of organic changes.And remember, if you still aren't sure how old something is or if it is safe to eat: When in doubt, throw it out! More than 20 states require dating of certain foods, but other states do not require any food dating.After several years, however, the product may lose taste and color.In spite of the fact that increasing numbers of food processing companies are moving to open dating it is not yet universal.

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They also enable manufacturers and retailers to rotate their stock.

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