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Best songs are #5 Emily (tearjerker), #2 Life Goes On (really like Abstract Rude on this one), #1 High School Reunion (catchy), and #11 Sam the Goat (original and humorous). J.'s different style but I think he would sound better w/ diff. Ok for the most this Cd is cool.beats lyrics and funny stuff...

As a true Christian hip-hop head from the beginning (DOC, Transformation Crusade, A1-Swift, and 12th Tribe stand up!But unfortunately I didn't care for the beats so much on this album, not very original, almost mainstream-sounding.Also too many hooks, and too much sing-song verses. But his lyrics are clever and his hip-hop style unique.DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies offers up the two strongest beats on the album, with PJ himself producing a majority of the remainder. But his Average Joe stance matches his casual rhythms.

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