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C.-area women who were at least 5'6" and over age 35, with no upper age limit.Under "interests" and other descriptors of his perfect woman, he checked "Any." Not surprisingly, Louis was flooded with many, many responses. Figure out exactly what you're looking for rather than taking all comers.Be specific about your key needs, both when writing your profile and responding to others'. Use a keyword search to further narrow the field to people who share specific values or interests.If you're Christian and it's important to you to meet another Christian, search by that word; if you spend every possible free moment at art galleries, plug in words like "art" and "museum" when searching."So I started timing myself by the TV show I had on in the background. Internet Dating: I've Made All The Mistakes So You Don't Have To!

Or that guy who used to date my sister's best friend? Designate a limited block of time for reading and responding to profiles.

"I used to sit at my computer reading postings and emailing.

Then I'd look up and three hours had gone by," says Jordana, 26, of New York City.

That tactic kept her mired in email exchanges with people who were perfectly friendly, but who set off no dating sparks at all.

The problem with this scenario is that you'll wind up wasting time summarizing your life story, sharing your favorite books and movies, and perhaps explaining that unusual tattoo you alluded to in your profile over and over again.

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The experts suggest separating those who make it through your screening process into two categories—a "hot" box and a "wait and see" box.

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